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Seed of Life pendant, in handmade turquoise blue fused glass with a sterling silver bail.

The glass pendant measures approx 2.5 cm wide and 3cm high (4cm high including the bail).  It is made with two pieces of glass, one turquoise blue and one clear, fused together in a kiln and has a permanent sepia/henna coloured depiction of the Seed of Life fused onto the surface giving a subtle shadow effect due to the clear glass layer.  Fitted with a high quality sterling silver bail.

The Seed of Life is the central image of the Flower of Life pattern, it is a symbol of new beginnings, in perfect balance.  The Seed of Life is drawn from six circles around one, all with the same radius, a perfect fit and natural balance.

Seed of Life pendant, sterling silver bail, turquoise blue fused glass

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